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This is the for business looking to partner with BoxRackKing, any one who is currently in the market or looking for a change in jobs.
Hi welcome to here we will let you know a little more about how to get started. 

What is included you may ask?

All designs including SH1, SH2, SH3 & Build A Unit.
Standard unit heights including 1200mm, 1500mm, 1775mm.
Standard unit widths of 429mm, 474mm, 500mm, 529mm, 600mm, 629mm.
Check out the table below.
Do you offer custom size units designs drawn for free on the unlimited?
YES, on the Unlimited we offer all custom size units drawn to your width maximum 1200mm & Height maximum of 2400mm. In both standard and wheel arch options.
in a choice of 2 depth including 322mm (slim) and 380mm (standard).
We will also continue to add new units to the unlimited.

How do i let you know the sizes of my custom unit i want made for my customer?

We will  include the link to our online store (input link here to online store for custom unit sizes) for you to let us know your requirements. 
We will make this step as easy as possible please bare with us this is our V1(version 1). We will continue to improve the steps.
We will post your design directly to your Custom Solutions BoxRackKing DropBox account with relevant order numbers/reference number &/or customer names.

Are updates included?

With in the Box RackKing Unlimited you will get full Updates to all of the range as and when these are required.
This includes all units we make for current or new customers. Or new van racking products.
Please check the table to see whats included in your Subscription. Input table link

If i have stock of the current designs will new parts fit the old design?

If any changes or updates are made. You will be made aware via your dropbox account.
All parts, including changed parts will fit the current stock,  Any new parts will be named with part numbers.
We are always looking to improve the product where possible.

What are the subscriptions fees?

We have 4 Subscription fees these are a monthly payment paid upfront. Subject to change. This allows you to promote and use the BoxRackKing brand. 
Pro Unique 

What is included in the Starter Kit? 

We charge a one off payment for a starter kit, this is £2000+VAT
Depending on the Subscription you have selected we include enough fixing kits to get you started,
 Boxes for shipping, all required stickers and all designs for your first orders, this is to name a few things.

Is a website included in my Subscription Fee?

We include a basic website with all Unlimited accounts. All other account we can supply a website at additional cost. 
 The fees linked to this will be individual depending on Domain costs and set up costs. Please ask for more details.
Additional cost can vary.
 We will keep everything transparent and give you total cost. This can be paid as a one off payment or every months to make it more cost effective. 

With my website do i have to pay additional fees to Shopify?

Our websites are provided with Shopify. You will have the cost of your Shopify store including any apps needed to run this your website.
To start you will only require a basic plan 2021 current price $29.99 per month link to current prices. You can progress your basic plan if you are looking to grow your business with BoxRackKing.
We are here to help all the way, including multiple locations etc.

How much are the starter kits?

To initially sign up to one of the services we provide you will require a starter kit.
£2000+VAT this is a start off initial cost. Things to be included can be seen above.

Can i sell your products along side my business?

Its the perfect mix if you have a customer list already Why not bring these customer up to date with a new install. 
Also if you are looking at creating a new business we have everything ready for you.
All you require is to have a CNC machine ideally minimum 1300mm x 2500mm bed size, workshop and the most import thing you’re time to make things happen.

Do I require DropBox? Do i have to pay for Dropbox?

You will require Dropbox to be installed on your computer for all packages. The dropbox fee is included in your monthly subscription fee.
We will manage and run your Dropbox account.
This can be used on multiple computers with all files streaming seamlessly on another devices

What is a domain name, and who manages and owns the domain?

 A domain name is the address used across the internet for customers to find you. (example
We will solely manage and own the domain name & copyrights.
We will also deal with all aspect of this with in the cost of the subscription fee.

Can we buy our packaging and stickers from you?

We will provide you with a link where you can buy all things needed to make and sell our products,
including tape, boxes, stickers, packing corners, hand wrap, fixing kits, screws etc.
We make things as easy as we can, so you can put your time in to your customers orders.

Do we have our own FAQ's help page?

Yes with in your website you will have a linked FAQ's help page.
We can set this us to your social medial channels and help get you started on a help pop up on your store.
Check out you will see the pop up. Customers love answers, Answers lead to happy customers.
We keep all FAQ's up to date adding to these as needed. To minimise our time answering common questions.